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How to Advertise on Aquaworld Aquarium

There are two advertising programs on the Aquaworld Aquarium website. Google Ads and Direct Advertising for Non-Profits.

Google Ads

Aquaworld Aquarium has an established advertising arrangement with Google. Google Ads provides most of the advertising for this website. These ads target visitors to this site based on their interests.

With this program, you decide how much you want to spend on advertising. This great program takes advantage of today's latest ad-targeting technology.

Direct Advertising for Non-Profits

Aquaworld Aquarium offers Free advertising for non-profit aquarium and pond-related organizations. Aquaworld Aquarium direct advertising currently uses two image ad formats:

We allow you to store your image ads on your web server. We use the URL to your image ad on your web server in our HTML so you can update the ad at any time. This gives you the freedom to change ads whenever you want. If the path and file names do not change, those updates will automatically appear on Aquaworld Aquarium's website.

Contact Tony Griffitts if you have any questions about non-profit direct advertising in the Contact page.

I'm sure you will agree, as I have learned running a small business for many years, the internet is the best way to maximize your advertising budget. Thank you for your business!

Tony Griffitts