Mastering Freshwater Aquarium Ecosystems

Revision List

12/02/2012 NA Publication Date
12/07/2012 21-13_FishHealth.html Fixed wording 2nd sentence under Shimmies.
12/08/2012 22_AquariumClubs.html Added link to questionnaire.
12/09/2012 21-4_FishHealth.html Added photo and caption for KHV.
12/09/2012 21-5_FishHealth.html Added photo and caption for Iridovirus.
12/09/2012 21-12_FishHealth.html Added photo and caption for Columnaris.
12/15/2012 21-10_FishHealth.html Added section on Capillaria per Dr. Tom Waltzek's request.
01/05/2013 16-5_Plants.html Added photo and caption of cyanobacteria.
02/15/2013 17-2_Biotopes.html Added missing paragraph on hardness/alkalinity
10/22/2017 6_AdjustingWaterChemistry.html Added 1 tsp sodium bicabonate raise TDS
10/22/2017 6-4_AdjustingWaterChemistry.html Added 1 tsp of mag. chlor. and calcium chlor. raise TDS

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