Mastering Freshwater Aquarium Ecosystems
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There are many excellent aquarium books on the market that address the complexity of marine reef aquariums. Most books available for the freshwater side of the aquarium hobby are very general, how to get started, basic setup information type books. They provide just enough information to get you by for the first few months, provided you are lucky enough to select fish that are compatible with your aquarium system. I have felt for years that the freshwater side of the hobby has been lagging far behind in providing an advanced book that addresses the complexities of the many freshwater ecosystems.

Freshwater aquariums (as many aquarium shop owners have found out) are actually more complex and challenging than saltwater. Freshwater is a very general term that incompasses many chemically diverse ecosystems. Providing the wrong water chemistry for your freshwater fish can lead to health problems.

Mastering Freshwater Aquarium Ecosystems was written to address the complexities of the many freshwater ecosystems. It draws upon more than 40 years of experience in the hobby, and as a professional in the aquarium industry. The goal of the book is to include the most up to date information available through scientific discoveries, experiments, and long term observations. My passionate interest in aquariums has made me many valuable friends in the advanced hobby and scientific research that had a role in me writing this book.

I have chosen to publish this book through so that it will be free to hobbyist and supported by sponsors/advertisers.  Any reference to specific products in the book are made based on experience, and not because of paid endorsements.  In other words, no company is paying to have their product(s) highlighted.

Mastering Freshwater Aquarium Ecosystems is being published in HTML5 format so it is fully searchable and loads quickly. The book will be updated from time to time to add new information, make any needed corrections.

All photos and graphics are by the author unless otherwise stated.