Mastering Freshwater Aquarium Ecosystems
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Fish Food and Feeding (Cont.)

Dry Foods

Flake food and pelleted foods are very popular foods, even though they often say staple food on the container, they should not be the only food you feed your fish. Fish that are fed dry food exclusively grow slowly, often will not reach spawning condition, and are often stunted. Flake and pelleted food should only be considered a supplement and not a staple. Flake and pelleted food does have vitamins that are needed for prolonged health of your fish. A diet of frozen food and flake food is a good way to insure prolonged fish health.

Ingredients can vary drastically from the different manufacturers. Some dry foods contain phosphate, which if fed often can lead to excessive algae grown in the aquarium.

Live Feeder Fish

Goldfish, guppies, and mosquito fish are the most common feeder fish available. Feeder fish are a good food for your fish, but there are some drawbacks. Feeder fish can introduce disease to the aquarium. Every time you feed live fish to the aquarium you run the risk of introducing parasites, bacteria, and viruses.

It is recommend that you do not feed your fish feeder fish unless they do not except any other types of prepared food. Most large fish that eat feeder fish will also eat pelleted food, frozen krill, frozen plankton, fresh fish, and fresh shrimp.

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