Mastering Freshwater Aquarium Ecosystems
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Aquarium Equipment (Cont.)

A laser thermometer can be used to check the temperature of multiple aquariums in seconds. All you need to do is point the device at the glass or surface of the water to get an instant temperature reading.


Extech laser thermometer is used here to check the surface temperature of a pond.


Coralife Chiller

Aquarium chillers must be kept in a well ventilated area as they can produce a lot of heat. Photo from Coralife.

Chillers are not common in the freshwater side of the aquarium hobby. They sometimes can be of benefit when lighting systems transfer a lot of heat to the water. Chillers are plumbed inline with a filtration system. Water passes through the chiller cooling the water before it is returned to the display aquarium. Chillers do require a lot of power to operate, and can add a significant amount to the cost of an aquarium setup. If a chiller is kept in a cabinet, it must be well ventilated as they can put out a lot of heat.