Mastering Freshwater Aquarium Ecosystems
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Aquarium Equipment (Cont.)

Green Water Algae

Green water algae in this aquarium can be eliminated with adding a ultraviolet sterilizer to the filtration system. This aquarium can be completely clear in just a few days after adding a UV sterilizer.

A properly sized UV can prevent ich from reaching epidemic proportions, and in time can eradicate the parasite from the aquarium. A UV sterilizer should not be used as a substitute for a quarantine tank.

UV sterilizers are used in conjunction with a canister filter, sump style filter, or powerhead with a prefilter. Installation is easy, as all that needs to be done is to cut a return line tube and connect each end to the in and out fittings on the UV.

UV sterilizers are low maintenance, they only need the bulb changed and a wipe down of the quartz sleeve periodically. Bulbs may need changing every 6 to 18 months, depending on the type of lamp that is used.

CO2 Injection

Plants need CO2 (carbon dioxide) to process nutrients, and when they receive it in sufficient quantity they can grow quickly. CO2 injection is often referred to as steroids for plants. It is not necessary to have a CO2 injection system to have a beautiful planted aquarium. Adding CO2 to the aquarium can speed up the de-nitrification process, as plants will take up nutrients faster when the concentrations are elevated.

CO2 Tank

A CO2 tank and control value used to add a small amount of gas to the planted aquarium.

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