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Editor's Note

Welcome to Aquaworld Aquarium, the web site dedicated to sharing information about the keeping aquariums and ponds for the hobbyist, professional, student, educator, and scientist.  Our goals for this online publication is to take full advantage of the power of the internet and web page publishing to share articles, eBooks and information on the science and art of keeping healthy aquatic life.

As you may have noticed on the cover page our slogan is "The Aquarium and Pond Active Online Publication".   What do we mean by "Active?"  Since a web page publication is not a hard copy magazine, articles, eBooks and information can be posted at any time.  There is no need for pressure to meet a deadline before an article needs to be submitted for publication.  Articles can be submitted for publication on Aquaworld Aquarium's web site when ever you feel your article is ready for publication.  Aquaworld Aquarium is a continuous publication that has no set publication date.  The publication will continue to grow in size as articles are added.

The science of maintaining aquatic life is ever evolving.  As more research is being done and more observations have been conducted, we learn more about keeping aquatic life.  One advantage Aquaworld Aquarium's web site has over hard copy magazines is the ability to get the word out quickly on any new scientific discoveries that can help in keeping aquatic life.

Advertising on Aquaworld Aquarium is a great way to reach your target audience and get the best exposure for your marketing dollar.  Manufacturers, wholesale suppliers, online retailers, mail order, aquarium and pond service providers, and local retailers can all benefit from advertising on Aquaworld Aquarium.  As a former aquarium retail store owner I discovered the internet is the best way to maximize your advertising dollar.  It gave the best return rate for the money spent, as it targeted people with an interest in keeping aquatic life.

I hope you enjoy this publication and find the information we provide useful whether your a hobbyist or professional.  Please feel free to send us any comments or suggestions you may have to help improve this online publication.

Tony Griffitts

Aquaworld Sponsor