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Pairing Clownfish with Anemones

By Tony Griffitts

Maroon Clownfish with Bubble Anemone.

A pair of Maroon Clownfish (Premnas biaculeatus) with their host Bubble Anemone (Entacmaea quadricolor).

This is a list of the most common clownfish found in the aquarium trade and their host anemones they are most commonly associated with in the wild.  In the aquarium many clownfish will accept other host anemones and even corals as hosts.  If you want to duplicate the interaction of clownfish with anemones in your aquarium, you may use this list as a guide to selecting the proper pairing.

Maroon Clownfish

Common Name: Maroon

Scientific name: Premnas biaculeatus

Preferred Anemone:

Orange Skunk Clownfish

Common Name: Orange Skunk

Scientific name: Amphiprion sandaracinos

Preferred Anemone:

Tomato Clownfish

Common Name: Tomato

Scientific name: Amphiprion frenatus

Preferred Anemone:

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